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The Lab

The Lab



We are an experimental physics group in the Department of Physics at Oregon State University. We investigate applied physics questions related to nanoscale systems such as carbon nanotubes and graphene. The broader impact of our work ranges from solar energy harvesting to medical diagnostics.

On-going projects in 2019

  • Carrier multiplication for photovoltaics: Photocurrent generation in carbon nanotube pn junctions
  • Quantum phases in 1d systems: Fundamental studies of nominally-metallic carbon nanotubes
  • Graphene biosensors: Flexible graphene transistors for neural recording


Lab facilities



  • Atomic force microscope (Asylum Research MFP3D),
  • Probe station for electrical characterisation (Cascade Microtech) 
  • Fume hoods/wet benches for device fabrication and biology preparation.



  • Electron beam evaporator for thin film deposition
  • Carbon nanotube growth furnace (1 inch diameter)
  • Graphene growth furnace for large-area graphene (4 inch diameter)



  • Scanning photocurrent microscope with variable wavelength excitation (Fianium SC450 light source) and optical cryostat.

On-campus shared facilities

The following facilities are maintained by the OSU Materials, Synthesis and Characterization Facility (MaSC) and the OSU Electron Microscopy Facility.

  • Direct write laser lithography (Heidelberg DWL 66fs)
  • Photolithography (two contact aligners)
  • Thin-film deposition systems
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Electron beam lithography (Nabity system)
  • Transmission electron micrsocopy